Such an Organizer!       Such A Lady!       Mildred L. Smith

Water is a requirement for life and growing communities.

Water for food - Water for health ! In 1967 this lack was among the reasons employment might not come to Florissant and Lake George. It is an on-going concern for every comunities health.

It began in 1976 with polution created by several septic systems overflowing into Trail Creek whose water is used by Denver. After 1 1/2 years of education and perparation, the election was held Feb, 1980 with 26 voting for and 25 voting against the new Florissant Water and Sanitation District (FW&S). By Oct, 1984 an engineering study allowed requesting grant and loan money. By Jan 28, 1985 Florissant became #1 in the State Health Priorities.