Such an Organizer!     Such A Lady!     Mildred L. Smith

Ostwall Family 1925 Paper House in Irom Mountain Michigan Mr and Mrs Earl L Smith Milking the Cow Smith Family in 1958 Mr and Mrs Richard R Smith III First National Personal Teller J and M Gift Shop in Florissant Co. Republican Woman

Mom is the baby-House paper covered-Newly Wed-Life on a farm-Rainbows-Second marriage-Personal banker-Own business-Republican.

Looking Back:

Canadian born Barbara Massie and Swedish-born Engelbrecht Ostwall gave birth to their 5th child in Iron Mountain, Michigan's coal mining country. With her long curly blond ringlets, she was nicknamed Kewpie. Her parent's 1928 divorce changed her life as the paper covered house was never covered. Her attractive hair was cut and her mother became a divorced woman - not so respectable in the 1920's. Growing up has challenges for each of us.

World War II and a handsome Texas sailor lead to a war-time marriage and starting another life adventure. Two children and life on a central Texas farm; Business school leading to banking and secretary positions; and growing through the Eastern Star chairs lead to being Mother Advisor for Rainbow Girls.

Her second marriage started in 1963 with Richard R. Smith III. He was a traveling man for years and she put her time to good use.