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Florissant Heritage becomes Pikes Peak Historical Society in 2001

In the Florissant Heritage Foundation Quarterly Newsletter (Feb 2001)

"We have found over the years that our naame presents us with a few liabilities. First by specifying "Florissant" we appear to parochial - that our activities are related to only Florissant. Also, by using "Florissant" we do not accurately reflect the fact that only one third of our members linve in the Florissant area. One third live in other areas of Teller County and the other third lies in Colorado Springs and areas beyond.We are truely regional in nature. A name that implies a broader base will also facilitate fund raising.

The other segment of our name "Foundation", carries connotations of the conservative thinktank, and must constantly be disavowed in applying for grants and donations. Finally, we have found no other regional historic society is claiming stewardship of Pikes Peak and its precious historic resources. We feel that this stewardship is vital in preserving history and serving the needs of the generations to come. Therefore, at the February Board of Director's meeting, it was also voted to change the name of the Florissant Heritage Foundation to the Pikes Peak Historical Society. This change will also be voted on at the Annual Meeting."