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4 Generations of Mildred L. Smith's Family Ancestors

After her parent's divorce when she was three years old, Mother missed out on lots of family growing up.

A consequence, as an adult, she wanted to understand her family history, which she did with delight.

She traveled the US and on to Canada, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, and Australia where she met many relatives who shared her delight in history of family.

It is not the names and dates. Learning about the people. Landing in the places they were from.

Much of this has been published on This site will include stories of the process of the discovery and the people she meet along the way.

Siblings were Evelyn; Elwood; Gordon; Muriel; Ossie; and Don. Children were Earl Luck Smith and Bonnie Ann. Husbands were Earl Lee Smith and Richard R Smith III (not related). In the future each person will have a clickable link.