Such an Organizer!       Such A Lady!       Mildred L. Smith

Bonnie Ann and Earl Lee Smith Bonnie Ann Smith and calf Brownie Worthy Advisor in Rainbow for Girls 1962 Bonnie Ann Smith in the dorm Bonnie Paintings Bonnie on Queen Mary Bonnie plus 3 dogs Bonnie Ann Accepting DTM award

As web master and her daughter,
I love and appreciate my mother. Her organization was amazing -
all the things, all the information, all the events she organized ! ! !

I appreciate the lessons she took from some of the rougher experiences of life and the good use she used these lessons.

She was not always perfect but she was perfectly

As an experienced Toastmaster and speaker, I would like to come to your groups and organizations to speak and/or listen as I learn. LET'S GET TOGETHER!